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Five-Year Strategic Plan ('23-'28)

Five-Year Strategic Plan at UAFS 

For nearly a century, the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith has been a catalyst for change in the River Valley, bringing the power of education to all who were ambitious enough to seek it.

Today we launch a new strategic plan. This forward-looking blueprint reflects our commitment to advancing our students' social mobility and the growth and prosperity of the River Valley through unparalleled educational opportunities and robust community partnerships. This five-year plan was approved by the Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas System on May 25, 2023. 

This plan is built on our collective passion and strategic foresight, acting as a compass that directs us toward a future where our community thrives, and our institution is renowned for nurturing and inspiring ambitious minds within our halls. By establishing our mission, vision, and commitments, we pave a definitive path for our institution.

After deliberate research and dedicated planning, our administration, faculty, staff, and students took great pride in developing this plan, ensuring that it would not just cast a vision, but also empower our leaders to set strategic priorities, allocate resources effectively, and continually gauge progress while remaining true to our core commitments. Navigating a global pandemic and a shifting economic landscape has shown us the importance of agility in the face of the unknown. This plan is designed to be adaptable, empowering UAFS to confront emerging opportunities and challenges with resilience and assurance.

We have identified four key pillars that form the foundation of our strategic plan: Student Access, Engagement, and Success; Teaching and Learning; Economic Development, Community Engagement, and Industry Partnerships; and Sustainability and Resource Stewardship. Each pillar is supported by strategic priorities and initiatives that will guide our actions and decisions in the years ahead.

As we actualize this plan, we commit ourselves to upholding our promises to our students, community, integrity, innovation, and value. We know the success of our strategic plan relies on the concerted efforts of our entire UAFS community. Together we will move forward with purpose, passion, and a powerful sense of responsibility, knowing that our work will transform lives and shape the future of our region.


Strategic Priorities

Pillar #1

Student Access, Engagement, and Success

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Pillar #2

Teaching and Learning

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Pillar #3

Economic Dev., Community Engagement, & Industry Partnerships

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Pillar #4

Sustainability and Resource Stewardship

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In June 2022, the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith employed the services of MGT Consulting, a global firm specializing in strategic planning to assist in developing a new five-year plan for the institution. MGT conducted a thorough environmental scan, analyzing the university's position in higher education, national and regional landscapes, and exploring external opportunities, challenges, and threats while gathering and interpreting crucial institutional data.

In the months following the environmental scan, faculty, staff, and students were encouraged to evaluate the university's mission, vision, and values, pinpointing areas of alignment and discord with the university's objectives and aspirations.

MGT engaged faculty, staff, students, alumni, industry partners, community members, and other stakeholders through focus groups, interviews, and surveys to ensure all perspectives were considered. Open dialogue fostered consensus on strengths, challenges, priority areas of focus, and emerging themes.

The resulting strategic plan framework, grounded in the insights obtained throughout the process, articulates UAFS's values, mission, and vision statements. It defines the overarching pillars and strategic priorities that will offer structure for the plan and steer the university's efforts towards achieving long-term success for its students, faculty, staff, and community.